Faculty Profile

Electronics and Telecommunications

Prof. Amarsinh B. Farakte

(University Approved), Assistant Professor, HOD


Birth Date : 5 June 1987

Qulification: Ph.D (Pursuing), M.E., B.E. (Electronics & Telecommunication)

Email: amar_farakte@rediffmail.com

Mobile No: 9822575753

Experience: 10 Years

Seminars / Workshops:
10 (Including IIT Kharagpur sponsored)

National Papers:
National Conference-04, Conference Publications-07

International Papers:
International Conference-01, Book Published-01

1.State level Best Teacher Award by Avishkar Social & Education Foundation, Maharashtra. 2.Best paper titled “A review of Thought based ON-OFF Control Using NeuroSky Sensor” presented in NC-RTST-2019.