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  • The SGMCOE Central Library has been established in the year 2012.The central library carpet area of more than 4,500 sq.ft. The library is well equipped with modern facilities, fully automated with barcode technology. The library containing Reference section, Text book section, Periodical section, Digital library and Competitive book wing with Marathi literature books.

  • Total collection of volumes 11265 books, Titles 1745 in all the disciplines. The central Library Subscribed Print National, International Journals, Magazines Direct by from publishers and DelNet on –Line Journals. Technical Magazines and News Papers are also available in central Library.

  • Non Book Material, Donated books by students, Projects, University Previous Question papers are available.

  • Library housekeeping services have been computerized and networking based. Using Expert Library Software Package is being used for bibliography data of books and serials for generation of barcode. The library provides net based services to the students and faculty.

  • Digital Library Upgraded to 15 multimedia PC’s with high speed Internet facility with 100mbps network. All the students and staff can use the facility on college working hours and library extended hours. On line Databases like NPTEL, DELNET, NDL, SWAYAM and e-Books are Available. The central library kept opened from 9:00Am to 5:00PM all working days. Reprography/Scanning and printing facility are available in the central library for the benefits of the users.

Rules & Regulations

General rules:

  • Readers and Visitors are requested not to bring their belongings in the library.

  • Silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the library by a user and the library staff. Every one shall ensure that no reader should feel disturbed in their study by any.

  • Mobile phones and other loud electronic gazettes are strictly prohibited in side library premises.

  • The library rules and regulations shall be modified time to time and shall be binding on all concerned.

  • An overdue charge of Rs. 1 per day shall be charged against each Book / Document not returned within the due date.

  • A Document (Book) Issued may be renewed up to 2 times provided; there is no reservation against it.

  • A document may be recalled before the due date if required urgently in the Library.

  • Member proceeding on long leave or discontinued etc., exceeding three months should return the documents that are borrowed.

  • Certain documents are intended to be used only in the library premises. These include return books, some text books, rare books, current and bound periodical etc.

  • Borrowers are requested to check if the documents being borrowed are complete and no pages are missing in it. In case of defect or damage in the book should be brought to the notice of the library staff.

  • Borrowers are responsible for the documents they borrow documents lost, torn or damaged (tearing of pages, Underlining, making notes damaging of binding and the like) shall attract serious action and replacement of document concern.

  • In special cases the library may authorize the issue of any document mentioned under the rule 6 above to a library member.

  • If a document is not returned within seven days of its due date it shall be treated as lost and action shall be initiated to recover the cost of the document as per the rules.

  • Newly arrived documents shall be displayed documents on display shall be issued only after a specified period.

  • No documents shall be returned on the day of issue.

  • While learning the library user should ensure that they carry only those books that are duly issued on their names otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against them.

  • Book bank facility is available for first years students and sc students.

Library Working Hours

Monday-Saturday – 09:00 Am to 6:00 Pm

Circulation – 10:00 Am to 5:00 Pm

Holiday- Sunday


The Present Scientific and Technological Scenario the College Central Library is Completed to wide ranging Vision of making the students fulfill the latest trends and needs found in Variant job fields. Its vision is to sharpen and enhance the creative and researching talent of the students to meat Present and future demands of the country”.


“The central library of SGMCOE is endowed with the sacred Mission of Imparting Updated Knowledge to the student in various disciplines to serve the state as well as the country a global level. Besides the Mission of the Library is to make every student self reliant with good conduct and character to make India occupy a prestigious place in the country of Nation”.



No. of Volumes-11265

No. of Titles-1745

No. of Project Reports-0133

Rare Books-35

Periodicals &Magazines

National Print Journals-22

International Print Journals-10



A newly admitted student has to submit Xerox copy of continuation form and college fee receipt along with one passport size color photo in central library. Books may be issued to student from two to three days after submitting these above documents. All students and faculty are issued books in terms of no. books and no. limits of days

Sr. No. Borrower No. of Books Entitled Loan Period
1 Students 3 7 Days
2 Academic Staff 5 One Semester
3 Non-Academic Staff 3 One Semester
3 Visiting / Adjust Faculty 2 One Month


Central library of SGMCOE has established Digital Library with 05 computers with high speed Internet connection, Wi-Fi enabled. Digital has many forms and meanings in today advancement in terms of Information, Knowledge sharing Data security. All the Non-Book Materials (e-Resources) online journals, Scanned Documents can be stored in the Digital format through Internet. Anyone can access Information about online process in Digital Library.


Library & Information Centre is fully automated with “EXPERT LIBRARY” integrated Software developed by A SQUARE SOFTWARE SERVICES KOLHAPUR, it is upgraded. EXPERT LIBRARY 2.0 Versions in 2018. Library has 1 server and 15 terminals like OPAC, Searching and Location Books and Journals meant for students and staff. These PC’s can be used by students for their Project work/ Dissertations etc., Books are bar coded for Circulation Service.


The students are advised to follow the library timings strictly.

Card shown compulsory at the time of books Issue – Return Procedure.

Maximum three Books will be issued for all the students for a period of 7 days.

Books having same Title will not be issued simultaneously.

A Book once returned by a student will not be issued to the same student.

The students are not allowed to borrow books on the card of another student.

Reference copies, Reference Books Previous year question papers, Syllabus, Magazines / Journals and other material will be issued for Photocopy only for 30 minutes

Any Book damage making misplacing of pages etc should be brought in the notice of Library staff at the time of issuing otherwise person who get it that particular student will be responsible.

No issues –returns after 5:00p.m

  • The students must carry their college identity card with that all time in a Library, recently

Reference Section

Reference Only book in a Library is one that may only be used in the Library, not borrowed from the Library. Many such Books are reference works which are Usually used only briefly or photo copied form and therefore don’t need to be borrowed keeping them in the library assures that then will always be available for use on demand . Other Reference only books are once that are two valuable to permit borrowers to take them out. Reference items may be shelved in a reference collection located separately from circulation Items (Books) or Individual reference only items available for keeping.

The Books are issued to students under Book-Lending (Book Bank Scheme) Subject to the following conditions.

No Pages in the Book should become shabby crumpled or torn off. If the Book does not satisfy the requirement, the institute rejects the return of the Book at the end of Year/Semester by the students and the cost of the Book will be recovered from the student.

Students are required to return all the Reference Books and also Books taken under Book – Bank Scheme from the Library after end of the External Examinations as per the Schedule.

  • No Name should be written anywhere on the Book (However, if a student so desires, He / She may write the Name with pencil on the first page of the Book or a wrapper may be put on the book and the Name written on it).